Cross Pavement
Home EV Charging

Charging your EV at home will forever be the most convenient and cheapest solution - provided you have off-street parking.

Pavecross™ solves this - benefitting residents of Britain's 7.25m terraced homes.

Zero trip hazard
Zero pavement blockage
How Pavecross works

The Solution - Pavecross™

  • Fits flush with the pavement surface, avoiding any trip hazard at all times
  • Opens/closes to accept and protect standard charge cable - when in use
  • Permanent installation crossing pavement at depth of <80mm, from property boundary to inside of kerbstone
  • Supports P2P/third party billing, turning home chargers into Community Chargers – with subsidy/incentive to resident
  • Supports V2G
  • Accommodates all charge cables
Examples of Pavecross units

Pavecross™ differs from other Residential Charging Schemes

  • In concept – it doesn’t connect to the grid
  • It connects to individual home chargers inside/outside individual terraced properties
  • No trenching
  • No subterranean infrastructure
  • Minimal groundworks – minimal disturbance to pavement
  • No cable-works
  • Zero street clutter
  • Ultra-low cost to install
  • Lowest possible electricity tariffs

Pavecross™ Benefits

Local Authority

  • Zero capital cost!
  • Easy to adopt and will require minimal future maintenance costs.
  • Issue of annual license to residents give LA's ability to check on safe use.

Local Residents

  • Zero loss of existing parking spaces – minimising complaints and resistance from residents.
  • Extends low-cost electricity tariffs to urban residents.
  • Extends convenience of home charging to millions or residents without off-street parking.

Sheer Volume!

  • Compared to alternatives, the Pavecross™ will provide vastly superior numbers of home chargers in urban areas.
  • Critically, third-party billing capability will allow many home chargers to become Community Chargers.

How can I get Pavecross™
and what will it cost?

Installing Pavecross requires the approval of the Local Authority – your local council controls access to all pavements.

This video details ongoing work to ensure that – before long – all councils will have the ability to operate a streamlined, online application process allowing residents to make a simple, speedy application to install Pavecross.

In the meantime, if Pavecross could be a solution for you, either:

  • Contact your local authority directly – and send them a link to this website – or,
  • Complete the form below, sending us your address, postcode, together with a few images. It’s likely that you have neighbours in a similar position and with that information our team can build a wider picture, enabling us to illustrate to your local authority, just how Pavecross can revolutionise the charging landscape in your local area.

Would you like to find out more?

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